What Are Some Tips for Painting Your Car on Your Own?


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To paint your car without assistance, remove and treat any rust on the body of the vehicle, and use a quality body filler to patch any holes before beginning the painting process. Paint the car in an enclosed, clean and well-ventilated area, and use a good primer. Use a two-stage base and clear coat system and a paint sprayer with a pressure regulator and a water and oil separator.

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Rusted panels can completely ruin a paint job, so take every possible measure to completely remove rusted metal from the vehicle, including cutting away rusted portions and welding in fresh metal or completely replacing the rusted panel if necessary. Spots treated with body filler should be block-sanded to create a smooth and even surface upon which to apply the paint. Create a clean environment to paint the vehicle in by constructing a frame from PVC pipes draped with drop cloths or large sheets of plastic to prevent dust and other particles from becoming stuck to the fresh paint. Wear a respirator when painting a vehicle regardless of the ventilation in the paint booth, which should be ample. The work area should also be as dry as possible with low humidity to prevent corrosion and incorrect paint adhesion.

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