What Are Some Tips for Packing a Moving Truck?


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Tips for packing a moving truck include loading large, heavy items first; distributing the weight evenly; covering items with pads, and maximizing all available space. Planning the order and location of the items in the truck before actually loading saves time and minimizes problems.

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What Are Some Tips for Packing a Moving Truck?
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Placing large, heavy items in the truck first ensures they have a spot in the truck, and it is easier to fill in boxes around larger items. This also ensures that those items get a spot in the truck while also allowing the owner to strap them to the walls so that they don't tip.

Position items so that they take up the least amount of floor space. Mattresses and other large, thin objects work best when placed vertically against a wall. Turning sofas on end also limits the floor space consumed by the furniture. Some items fit better when taken apart, such as bed frames and tables. Tape all the pieces together and put all hardware in a plastic baggie taped to the piece to keep everything together.

Another way to maximize space is by fitting the items together like the pieces of a puzzle. For example, boxes fit neatly on the shelves of an empty bookcase. Two sofas might nest well together with their seats touching. Soft items that don't ruin from being pressed together, such as pillows and bags of clothing, fit into small crevices left after packing furniture.

Moving trucks usually come with straps to hold items in place. Use these straps on each section instead of waiting until the end to keep the contents from shifting.

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