What Are Some Tips for Outboard Troubleshooting?


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Some tips for outboard motor troubleshooting include checking for electrical problems and investigating fuel problems. It is also important to check water flow through the motor if there are no known electrical or fuel problems.

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When there are issues with an outboard motor, it is best for the owner to start with the electrical components. The individual should ensure that the electrical connections are correct and the battery works. If the battery is older than two years, this may be the issue. If not, the owner should check the spark plugs and replace them as necessary.

If the electrical issues are not the problem, probe for a fuel issue. The first place to start is with the age of the fuel. If the fuel is not fresh or if it has contamination, it may not work correctly. If the fuel has too much water in it, the motor may not start, so it is best to empty the tank and start with fresh fuel. If the fuel is not the issue, the individual should check the flow of the fuel to the tank and engine.

It is also important to check that there is water running through the outboard motor as the water works as a coolant. Without water, the motor may overheat, which can prevent the boat from running. Usually, this lack of flow is due to a blockage in the water intake manifold, so individuals should check that area first.

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