What Are Some Tips for Operating a 49cc Bike?


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Three safety tips for operating a 49cc bike are always wear a helmet with a full face visor, always assume drivers cannot see the vehicle, and always wear bright, visible clothing. Inexperienced 49cc vehicle drivers underestimate the dangers posed on the road, reports Duhaime.org.

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Some other tips from Esurance for driving a 49cc bike are to know other vehicles' blind spots, to be familiar with how the bike handles, and to take a scooter safety course. The most important thing to remember is that other drivers have a hard time seeing these small vehicles so the bike's rider must be extra vigilant in protecting his or her safety.

Oregon law defines a motor-assisted vehicle up to 35cc as a scooter, and between 35cc and 50cc as a moped. The same law classifies motor-assisted bicycles are either a scooter or a moped if the bicycle meets the requirements for either vehicle designation. It is imperative to check each state's laws concerning 49cc bikes as certain regulations are not implemented identically nation-wide.

Scooters and mopeds barely meet the requirements set by the United States Department of Transportation to legally travel on the nation's roads. The low horsepower makes it very difficult to accelerate quickly into traffic from a still position and the vehicles' low top speed makes them illegal on the nation's highways.

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