What Are Some Tips for Motorcycle Storage?


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Some tips for motorcycle storage include changing the oil and filling the fluids and gas tank, taking steps to keep the tires in good condition and covering the exhaust pipe. Wax the motorcycle, and keep it in a dim corner.

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Before storage, make sure there are no fluid leaks, fill the gas tank and then add a fuel stabilizer. Also, make sure the brakes are in a good condition and that the coolant fluids are full.

To keep the tires in good condition, store the motorcycle on a rack that prevents the weight from resting on the tires. If a rack is unavailable, make sure the motorcycle rests on its center stand, and rotate the front wheel once in a week.

Keep moisture from entering the exhaust pipes by inserting a clean towel in every pipe after applying WD-40 spray. The towel also prevents bees and spiders from getting into the pipes.

Change the motorcycle's oil before storage to prevent old oil from corroding some of the engine parts. Wash, dry and wax the motorcycle, removing dirt from all crevices, to prevent rust from developing during storage.

Store the bike in a dark corner away from sunlight to prevent damage to the paint and leather. A storage unit is the best for this because it prevents light from entering.

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