What Are Some Tips for Living in a Motorhome Full-Time?


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Some tips for living in a motorhome full-time are to make sure your mail is as organized as possible and to find something to do with most of your possessions, as there may not be enough room for everything in your new motorhome. Arrange for as much of your mail as possible to be delivered through email, and you can store your possessions or sell them before deciding to move into your motorhome full-time.

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Another tip is to choose the right motorhome. There are many different styles, including camper, tour bus and mobile home. Choosing a larger motorhome may restrict what kinds of places you can visit, while selecting a smaller one may make the experience less comfortable.

Once you have decided on which motorhome is right for you, research where you are able to stay. There are several websites that list places with RV hook-ups that cater to all sizes and styles of motorhomes. Also, while staying in a location, make sure to not stay too long. Many places do not charge for things such as electricity if your stay is shorter than a month. Finally, taking some extra money and putting more away in savings is a good idea, just in case the motorhome breaks down or you experience some other unexpected expense.

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