What Are Some Tips for Leasing a Pickup Truck?


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Before leasing a pickup truck, inquire about the factory incentives the dealer offers with the car, and haggle for a lower price, according to Fox News. In order to avoid incurring unexpected costs, avoid leases that exceed three years. To reduce the cost of the lease, request the dealer removes or waives some of the fees, recommends Edmunds.com.

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What Are Some Tips for Leasing a Pickup Truck?
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Avoid the temptation to lease a vehicle based on a low monthly price, as it means paying more to the dealer, notes Fox News. Experts recommend familiarizing with a vehicle’s sticker price and available incentives on the truck in order to make a more informed choice. Remember to haggle with the sales person or dealer for a lower price before conceding to the lease’s terms, advises Fox News.

Request for a reduction or removal of some fees such as the security deposit to reduce the cost of the lease, recommends Edmunds.com. Install a bed liner to avoid damaging the truck while hauling items and eliminate additional costs upon expiry of the lease, notes About.com.

Resist the urge to sign up for lengthy leases, usually over three years, due to the risk of making out-of-pocket and unexpected repairs such as brake replacements, cautions Fox News. Opt for a pickup truck that has a high residual value, which translates to lower monthly payments, according to Edmunds.com.

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