What Are Some Tips for a Kawasaki Clutch Adjustment?


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When adjusting the clutch of a Kawasaki motorcycle, make sure to loosen the locknut located on the clutch lever's cable adjuster before tightening it against the clutch lever perch to maximize the cable's play at the lever. Adjust the clutch cable by loosening the locknut and the cable's adjuster at the clutch lever, motor and in the middle of the cable, leaving no more than 2 and 3 mm of slack.

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A maximum of 2 or 3 mm of slack prevents damage to the clutch cable over time. It is not recommended that the cable be completely tightened since different use conditions may damage the cable if it does not have any extra room to move.

Disengaging the clutch cable may require the removal of the motorcycle plate. Some Kawasaki motorcycles feature a plate that protects the adjuster screw and locknut located on the motor. To do this, use a combination metric wrench set and a screwdriver to remove the casing, and locate the adjuster screw underneath. Turn the adjuster screw counterclockwise four times to disengage the cable at the locknut. Tighten the adjuster screw at the clutch lever by half a turn to disengage the cable. The cable should disengage once the adjuster screw no longer turns easily, leaving only the middle cable adjuster.

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