What Are Some Tips for Installing a TH400 Transmission?


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Using a rolling floor jack to support the bottom of the transmission, align the bellhousing to the rear of the engine block. Guide the transmission up towards the engine, and ensure the crankshaft output fits into the torque converter input. Align the converter-to-flex plate bolt holes, and twist the bolts to 46 foot pounds. Put in place the bellhousing-to-engine bolts, and revolve them to 23-foot pounds.

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Install and turn the transmission-to-crossmember bolts to 32-foot pounds. Turn the transmission-to-rear mount bolts to 32-foot pounds. Go to the passenger side of the transmission, and install the shift linkage rod using an anti-seize compound on the bolts to snug them down. On the same side, install oil cooler pipers and tighten the securing nuts.

Connect the nipple of the vacuum modulator with the rubber vacuum line, then install the speedometer cable. Look for the end linkage, and tighten the integral nut. Relocate the drive shaft to the rear of the transmission, and reset the four retaining bolts to 45-foot pounds. Replace old transmission oil with nine quarts of new transmission fluid.

The installation process does not require any special tools. Most Turbo Hydra Matic 400 automatic transmission are installed in General Motors cars manufactured in the mid-1960s.

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