What Are Some Tips for Installing a Replacement Interior Car Door Handle?


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Good tips to install a replacement interior car door handle include removing the door panel to access the defective door handle, removing the door handle, installing the replacement and replacing the door latch if necessary. The last steps are testing the door and reinstalling the door panel. It's important to check if the exterior door handle and the door locking system need replacement, as they may also be damaged.

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When choosing a replacement door handle, a car owner should contact an auto parts shop, a junkyard, the dealer or the manufacturer, and provide his car's exact make, model and year. He should specify if the door handle is in the passenger area, driver's side or other door areas.

If bolts or screws secure the inner door panel, a car owner should carefully remove the plastic covers. He should apply steady pressure if there are plastic clips or pull the panel off if there are no bolts. Any waterproofing paper around the handle area should be removed.

When removing connections to the door handle, it's a good idea to label every piece with masking tape to make reassembly easier. Experts recommend consulting a breakdown manual to remove and reattach the latching links correctly. A car owner should test the handle and latch several times before replacing the interior door panel. A rubber mallet and towel are useful for tapping down clips.

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