What Are Some Tips for Installing Power Window Replacements?

What Are Some Tips for Installing Power Window Replacements?

One tip for installing power window replacements is to first unhook the quick-disconnect plug, according to Popular Mechanics. This stops power being delivered to the windows. Another tip from Popular Mechanics is to work on the window with it raised to the service position.

The service position is the height at which the bolts or screws holding the glass remnants to the regulator align with access holes stamped in the steel. With a power window, plug in the switches on the inner door panel, which will be removed and loose at this point. Operate the window until it is at the right height.

Another tip is to vacuum up any broken glass shards from the door cavity. This will prevent rattles later.

A tip from Family Handyman is to subscribe to an online service manual for the make of car. This will give detailed instructions specific to the model of the vehicle.

When replacing the motor in a power window, it's normally necessary to first remove the regulator, says A1 Electric. Many late model vehicles use 1/4-inch rivets to hold this in place. Use a center punch and a hammer to punch in the center pin of the rivets. This type of pin cannot be drilled.