What Are Some Tips for Installing a Murray Drive Belt?


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One tip for installing a Murray drive belt is to take a picture of the existing belts before beginning the removal and installation process. Having a picture makes it much easier to reference the proper belt layout and orientation. Important installation safety tips include placing the vehicle on a flat work surface and disengaging the cutting blades before beginning the installation. Set the parking break and chock the wheels to keep the vehicle from moving.

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The first step when replacing the drive belt is to remove the mowing deck in order to access the belts. Use a socket wrench to loosen the belt guide retaining bolts, and then remove the engine stack pulley belt so that the mower deck can be pulled out from under the mower. Once the deck is out of the way, remove the existing drive belt.

Fit the new drive belt around the top of the engine stack pulley, and push the free end of the belt through the transmission shifter hole located in the floorboard. Slip the drive belt loop around the shifter, and then pull the other end through the hole. Fit the belt around the drive pulley, and tighten the belt guide retaining bolts until it the belt is secure. Tighten the idler pulley retaining nut to achieve the proper belt tension.

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