What Are Some Tips for Installing a License Plate Light Assembly?


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Although installing a license plate light assembly is a relatively simple process in most cases, it involves some angles that may be difficult to reach. Consider raising the car on a lift jack for better access. Light assemblies are not always universal, so ensure compatibility with the vehicle before purchasing. If drilling or cutting a hole is necessary, consider contacting an auto body professional.

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The light assembly should directly touch the bare metal of the vehicle chassis. The chassis is connected to the negative terminal of the battery; as such, the assembly touching the chassis provides proper grounding.

The light assembly should be connected to the taillight circuit in order to establish the positive terminal. If there is an existing light assembly, use the wiring from that. Connecting the wiring requires a wire connector and wire splicer. If there is not an existing license plate light assembly, consider contacting a trained electrician to help with the wiring.

Most license plate areas have two lights. Start with one, and completely install it, including the bulb, to ensure everything is connected properly before continuing on to the second light. This also provides the opportunity to see how the new light looks with the vehicle's decor.

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