What Are Some Tips for Installing Fuel Injection Systems?

Before installing a fuel injection system, remove the fuel pump and crank the engine a few times to relieve fuel pressure. Use tools specifically designed for a fuel injection system as they will make the job easier.

The first tip for installing a new fuel injector system is to know when it is time to take on the project. Replace fuel injectors when the fuel mixture is too lean and causes a misfire. Turbocharged engines with bad injectors will lose a lot of their power and in all fuel-injected systems, when the engine is turned off, the deposits settle in the injectors causing a buildup in time. In this case, the fuel injectors should be replaced.

Remove all the necessary parts to gain access to the fuel rail and then remove the bolts used to secure the rail to the intake manifold or engine block. Most auto parts stores carry a fuel injector removal tool. Use this tool to easily remove the old injectors by gripping the base and pulling up. To install the new injectors, use the same tool and push down to seat them in their holes in the engine or manifold. Be sure to connect all the electrical connectors and tighten them with their metal lock springs for best results.