What Are Some Tips for Installing an Autostart Remote Car Starter?


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To install an Autostart remote car starter, first identify a remote starter kit that has the required functions. Search for features such as the presence of the timer, the distance from which the remote can be activated as well as the ways in which the remote controls work. Check to confirm that all the required components are in the kit once it is bought.

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Locate the wiring schematic for the ignition system in the vehicle. Refer to the repair book that is prepared purposely for the make and the model of the car. Carefully locate the wires in which to connect the remote starter. Follow the guidelines on the remote starter kit on the wires to be used, and get the positions of the wires in the owner manual of the vehicle.

Have a schematic plan for how to connect the remote starter to the vehicle after noting the position of all the wires. Plug out the ignition switch, and note the wires in the schematic drawing. Use a soldering iron to fix wires onto the remote starter brain for the system.

Check the proper wiring for all the particular elements of the remote starter system according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Test the system to confirm that all buttons on the key fob are functioning correctly.

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