What Are Some Tips to Install a Steering Stabilizer?


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Before installing a new steering stabilizer, locate the old steering stabilizer on the passenger side near the coil spring and get rid of the bolts holding the steering stabilizer. Remove the cotter pin by breaking it and wipe out any dirt or grime in the area before installing the new steering stabilizer.

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Place the new steering stabilizer on the mounting bracket bordering the coil spring. Ensure you tighten the mounting bolt loosely in order to attach the other side. Each new steering stabilizer kit also comes with a bolt and a nut. Use this bolt in the center of the drag link to tighten the end that was loosely attached when using the mounting bracket. Depending on the type of steering stabilizer, check for proper torque settings when tightening both ends. Use a torque wrench to do the final tightening.

Follow up the steering stabilizer with a cotter pin. There is a hole in the bolt and the nut has a slot. Align the hole and the slot, and then use the cotter pin provided in the kit and insert it into the aligned opening. Open the cotter pin and wrap it around the steering stabilizer using pliers. Always prepare the vehicle by elevating it to easily access the underside before you start working on the steering stabilizer.

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