What Are Some Tips for Identifying Vehicles?


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One tip for identifying vehicles is to look for the car's manufacturing logo, as this significantly narrows down the specific model the car could be. If you know what brand the car is, you can eliminate hundreds of cars instantly by finding the brand logo. Make it a point to also become familiar with the names of cars from different brands, and also what colors the cars come in, as the car's color is an easily identifiable trait.

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What Are Some Tips for Identifying Vehicles?
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It also helps to know different subcategories of cars, such as sedans, minivans, sport utility vehicles, station wagons and compact cars, which establishes a visual confirmation of the car and allows you to eliminate cars that do not match the description.

Although typically more difficult, memorizing license plates numbers can moreover help you to identify one specific car very efficiently. Also noting significant scratches or marks found on the car can help identify a particular vehicle.

Tire size differs depending on the style of the vehicle; large trucks and sport utility vehicles have significantly larger tires than sedans or compact cars, so knowing this may aid you in your search.

Finally, practice identifying cars while driving or by watching a busy road, which sharpens your powers of observation.

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