What Are Some Tips for Full-Time RV Living?


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When considering full-time RV living, take a long practice trip, examine and research different types of RVs, and get rid of excess belongings to create enough space. Procure a permanent address, medical insurance, and RV insurance.

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Before selling a home and undertaking full-time RV living, take long practice trips to make sure that it is the right decision. Taking a practice trip helps get sufficient information about the right size and shape of the RV to use by trying out different types. Staying on the road for extended periods of time helps an individual or family identify the features of the RV that are more important.

It is important to secure a permanent home address in compliance with the federal law. A permanent address ensures an RV inhabitant can receive mail regularly. Individuals who live on the road full time can call any state home, making it possible to secure residency in a state that offers tax benefits.

Consider getting rid of all the excess possessions, as an RV can only accommodate a limited amount of belongings. It is advisable to allocate some of the possessions to family and friends or donate unwanted belongings. Since an RV is both a vehicle and a home, an owner must maintain it properly so it runs well. Obtain medical and RV insurance since accidents and sickness are possible while on the road.

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