What Are Some Tips for Frame Straightening?

Tips for car frame straightening include using the proper equipment, inspecting that equipment before use, and measuring the car before performing frame straightening. To prevent damage to the car, it must be secured at all times during the straightening process.

Mechanics typically straighten frames with a frame-straightening machine. The mechanic drives the car onto a platform on this machine, and then uses clamps to secure the car to the platform. The machine also has two or three pulling towers with chains. The mechanic attaches these chains to the car frame where it needs to be straightened, and uses hydraulic equipment in the pulling tower to pull on the chain. The mechanic increases the hydraulic power until the chain pulls enough to straighten the frame.

Since clamps and chains attach to the car, the mechanic should check these before each use. If any clamp or chain is worn, the mechanic should replace it. He should also replace this equipment periodically, even if there isn't visible wear. He must check the hydraulic fluid before each use so the pulling towers work correctly. The mechanic measures the whole car before performing any repairs to assess the damage and determine what parts of the frame require straightening.