What Are Some Tips for Following Forklift Instructions?

The most vital tip in following forklift instructions, according to Hyster-BigTrucks.com, is always remembering that only individuals who are properly trained, authorized and licensed may operate the forklift for the sake of the safety of all involved. Drivers should also be dressed appropriately and be up to date on the protocol of the specific job so that workplace accidents may be avoided.

Drivers of a forklift should make sure to dress in strictly high-visibility gear, including safety helmets, jackets and appropriate operating gloves to protect the hands. Loose clothing can easily be caught in the machine and mess with the control board if snagged, so tighter clothes should be worn when around forklifts. Operating a lift with wet hands or feet can be dangerous, too, so weather-appropriate clothes should be on hand with a dry environment to work in.

Certain elements such as being up to date on forklift inspections are also important. Daily checks should all be completed as directed in the specific model manual before attempting the starting of the machine. Operating a lift that is in need of repair will lead to more issues than delayed work and can ultimately be dangerous to both the operator and people within the perimeter.