What Are Some Tips to Follow When Purchasing Used Chevy Engines?


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Tips for purchasing a used Chevrolet engine include checking the mileage and looking up the automotive history of the engine's previous vehicle. Engines that need extensive repairs are rarely worth the cost of purchase. Another tip for purchasing the right engine is to select re-manufactured motors as opposed to those that have simply been rebuilt. Although both types of engines have been rebuilt, only re-manufactured engines utilize parts and components that may correct original design flaws.

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Always inspect a used engine to ensure major parts and components are present and in good working condition. When possible, inspect the exterior of the engine for signs of visible damage before making a purchase. Retailers and suppliers can often provide information regarding the history, state and condition of a rebuilt motor.

Look for used engines that have lower mileage, as they often have less wear and may offer a longer and more dependable service life. Another tip is to only do business with reputable dealers and established engine suppliers.

Obtaining documentation regarding the history and service record is also a good idea. Purchasing an extended warranty plan from a supplier who offers one can ensure that unexpected issues or future repairs do not become costly.

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