What Are Some Tips to Follow When Installing a Fuel Tank?


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When installing a fuel tank, an individual should clean and organize the working environment, work in a place with proper ventilation and have a fire extinguisher at his disposal. The working area should also be free of flame or spark sources.

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These safety tips help avoid a possible fire outbreak due to the highly flammable nature of the fuel. In addition to the safety tips, an individual should take a photo of the old tank before dismantling it for reference purposes. This helps to ensure accurate installation of the new tank.

In addition to the fire extinguisher, other necessary tools and materials used in the installation of a fuel tank include a floor jack, a gas storage container, a fuel line, hose pumps and a new fuel tank. Sockets and wrenches are also handy in this project.

Fuel tank installation involves first emptying the old fuel tank by draining its fuel into the storage container and keeping the fuel in a safe place, typically away from fire sources. Once the old tank is empty, all fuel lines are disconnected from the tank. The rear suspension is then dropped as needed, the old tank is removed and the new tank is placed in the exact position previously held by the old one. Reassembling all the parts and filling the tank completes the process.

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