What Are Some Tips to Find Floaters Rims for Sale?


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People looking to buy floater rims locally can look for local car customization shops, which often have floater rims in stock or can order them. Craigslist often lists rims as well, as drivers frequently sell their rims when they look to sell customized cars.

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Like most custom rims, floater rims represent a niche market, so major auto stores often don't carry them because they take up space in inventory. Custom car shops, however, sometimes carry rims and other products, and small shops that specialize in car audio systems sometimes sell them as well. Employees also frequently place custom orders, although this comes with a markup charge.

The Internet provides a number of options for custom rims. Buyers frequently find deals on custom rims through the online auction site eBay. Buyers looking for a broad range of selections can also browse WheelsPlusUSA.com and other online retailers for offers from popular manufacturers.

While online stores that specialize in custom wheels typically sell at a higher price than auctions on eBay, they often sell new wheels, which helps buyers know that their wheels come brand new without any damage. It's also important to buy a set of tires compatible with the wheels, and online sellers often provide useful guidance.

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