What Are Some Tips for Finding Vehicles for Free?


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Ways to find vehicles for free include entering sweepstakes and contests or finding a job in a graphic advertising company that uses cars to promote businesses. Visiting a local auto junkyard or auto recycler and finding a job that offers company car benefits to employees are other ways to get free vehicles.

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Graphics advertising companies wrap vehicles with promotional tools and employ people to drive them around target markets. Ensure you have a valid driver's license and clean driving record before applying to a get-paid-to-drive company. To win a car in sweepstakes, choose contests with greater odds of winning, and enter the contests regularly. In addition, frequently check websites that provide tips on how to win car sweepstakes. Open a separate email account to avoid attracting spam to your personal inbox, and check the account often.

Check local directories or websites that provide information about auto junkyards. Visit a junkyard, and find out if you can get a vehicle for free. Hire a mechanic to restore the vehicle to a good condition. Some companies offer cars to their employees, so check job search engines for these companies, and apply to them. Learn how to spot job scams online, and verify job listings before applying.

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