What Are Some Tips for Finding Used Houseboats?


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One way to find used houseboats for sale is by looking in the For Sale section of a city's Craigslist page and searching the term "house boat." An interested buyer can also search on boating classifieds sites, such as iBoats.com, HouseBoatsBuyTerry.com and BoatTrader.com as well as on eBay.com.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding Used Houseboats?
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The first place an interested buyer should look for used house boats for sale is on their local Craigslist page because it allows the individual to deal with local sellers. Focusing on local sellers over remote sellers carries several advantages, such as the ability to easily meet the seller in person to inspect the boat and make payment arrangements along with reducing or eliminating the distance the buyer needs to transport the boat. Listings on Craigslist vary from seller to seller, but the most typically include a picture of the boat and a description of its condition and features.

Boating classifieds sites, such as iBoats.com and BoatTrader.com, also feature location filtering tools that allow users to specify a specific geographic location, such as a ZIP Code, in which to conduct the search. These sites also offer other filtering options, including price range, manufacturer, model, year of manufacturing and style of house boat. These sites also offer users options for contacting the sellers.

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