What Are Tips for Finding Used 4-Wheelers?


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A buyer having trouble finding used four-wheelers for sale should look on her city's Craigslist page for local listings as well as on national sites such as eBay and ATVTraderOnline.com. Buyers looking for a specific model of four-wheeler should check the ATV listing aggregate site Quad Hunter as well.

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What Are Tips for Finding Used 4-Wheelers?
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The process of purchasing a used four-wheeler or ATV begins with the buyer determining her specific needs in a vehicle and how often she plans to use it, as these factors greatly influence the make and model of four-wheeler she should purchase. A buyer who wants to ride competitively needs a model that is durable and fast, whereas a buyer who wants to ride as a hobby a few times a year could buy a less powerful ATV.

Once a buyer determines the type of ATV she wants and locates a viable listing, she needs to schedule a time to view the vehicle in person. If she isn't very knowledgeable about ATV specifications, she should bring someone along who is. It is important for the buyer to test drive the vehicle to ensure that it is the right size for her and to identify any mechanical or safety issues that would make it an unwise purchase.

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