What Are Some Tips for Finding Mobile Food Trucks for Sale?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Mobile Food Trucks for Sale?

Tips for finding food trucks for sale include buying from a corporate fleet, looking for a custom manufacturer, networking with food truck owners and joining a food truck association. Do research on all relevant local and state rules and regulations before purchasing a food truck.

Corporate fleet trucks tend to be well cared for through routine maintenance and regular oil changes. It is also much easier to obtain a truck’s care documentation from a corporate seller. Companies that commonly sell trucks that can be converted into food trucks include DHL and FedEx. Used vehicles from corporate fleets also tend to have lower mileage compared to buying from a used car dealer.

Custom manufacturers are a good place to find a food truck because of their experience building food trucks. The manufacturer has all the tools necessary to convert a truck. A manufacturer is also able to build a truck that meets health and fire codes. A good manufacturer may also suggest a layout to make the best of the equipment and offer additional services, including operations and marketing training.

Food truck owners typically know each other and can be a good source of information when a truck is up for sale. They can also offer valuable insider information about the business. A good way to approach a food truck owner is to order food when business is slow and ask a few questions. Sending an email is also a good way to get information.

Finally, joining a food truck association is a good way to network with other food truck owners and learn about the best places to buy a vehicle. This is also a good opportunity for interacting with food truck manufacturers to compare different options.