What Are Some Tips for Finding Jets for Sale?

What Are Some Tips for Finding Jets for Sale?

Tips for finding jets for sale include consulting with experts, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, calculating your specific jet needs, and using a consultant to find the actual jet for sale. After finding the right jet, be sure to have it inspected to determine that it is both safe to fly and a solid investment.

While it can save money and fees, it is unwise to try to buy the plane yourself because you cannot immediately become an expert on airplanes. Instead, use aircraft management companies to help facilitate the purchase. For additional fees, these companies can also help maintain the plane afterwards.

Conduct a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that buying a jet is worth it. Depending on the jet size and usage, the aforementioned companies can help maintain costs such as insurance, pilot salary, catering and fuel for anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 a year. This means that you would need to use the jet for 350 to 400 hours per year to make the investment worthwhile.

Determine how far you regularly need to travel and how many passengers you regularly transport with you to determine jet size needs. Light jets can transport up to eight passengers for up to 2,000 miles, whereas midsize jets can transport up to nine passengers up to 3,000 miles. The larger executive jets can transport up to 12 passengers over 4,000 miles.

Find jets for sale by using sites such as aerotrader.com and controller.com or asking your chosen aircraft management company for a special consultant to facilitate the search.