What Are Some Tips for Finding Impounded Vehicles?

Find an impounded vehicle by contacting the law enforcement agency responsible for the area in which it was towed. Some agencies maintain websites through which owners enter the vehicle’s license plate number and find the location. Others require calling the agency or the agency’s impound hotline. Most locations require tow truck operators to report towed vehicles within a specified time frame.

There are many reasons for impounding a vehicle. If the owner does not make the required payments on a vehicle loan, the finance company may reposes the vehicle as a means of security on the loan. If the car is parked illegally, it is subject to impounding. If a driver is arrested for a charge such as driving under the influence, the arresting officer may call a towing company to impound the vehicle and take it to a safe place.

If a vehicle is impounded, the owner may need to make payments before recovering it. In most cases, the tow company requires him to pay the towing fee and storage. However, if the vehicle is impounded for a repossession, he must work out details with the finance company. Vehicles impounded for parking or traffic violations often require paying fines before recovery. Vehicles are sometimes towed due to construction or other happenings at the location where they were parked. With these courtesy tows, vehicles are usually moved to a nearby location, at no charge to the owner.