What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap Used Cars?


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Cheap, used cars are available almost everywhere, but for the best deal it's key to do your research and then check as many different sellers as possible. It's also important to be realistic, test drive the vehicle, have it inspected and be prepared to haggle.

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What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap Used Cars?
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Being realistic means you shouldn't expect to find a cheap, late-model car that doesn't have any cosmetic problems. A mechanically sound car is better than one that has a new paint job but also has engine or transmission problems. The more dealerships and private sellers you visit, the greater your chances of finding a good deal. Ads for cheap used cars are often found in local newspapers; Craigslist, eBay and other online classified sections are also good sources.

Once you find a car you're interested in, test drive it to see how it feels in different driving conditions, and have the car inspected by a qualified mechanic to spot any problems with the car's engine, structure or frame.

Finally, whether the car is bought from a dealership or private party, it helps to know how to haggle. Individual owners are more likely to be flexible, as they are more likely to be anxious to make the sale.

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