What Are Some Tips for Finding Cheap, Old Cadillacs for Sale?


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Find cheap, old Cadillacs for sale by talking to a local mechanic and appraising the cars available. Get a service history to determine the condition level of a selected car before negotiating for a lower-priced deal.

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Request a local mechanic to keep an eye out for a used Cadillac at a fair price. A mechanic understands a car’s service history, making him a smart bet for finding a reliable car, provided you bide your time. Check out cars sold by owners, and get referrals from friends who know owners intending to sell their old cars.

Appraise used cars in terms of pricing, customer reviews, fuel economy and standard features to make an informed purchase decision. Determine the true cost of owning a used vehicle by factoring other ownership costs such as depreciation, fuel, maintenance and repairs.

Get the car’s service history report from a website such as Carfax or AutoCheck to reveal vital information such as whether it has a salvage title or has a tampered odometer. To cover all the bases when checking out the used car, have a checklist that covers the key questions you may have about the vehicle. Negotiate for a good deal with the owner upon viewing the car to ensure your offer ties to the condition level of the car.

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