What Are Some Tips for Finding a 1955 Ford Fairlane for Sale?

What Are Some Tips for Finding a 1955 Ford Fairlane for Sale?

Many websites list 1955 Ford Fairlanes for sale, including ClassicCars.com, AutoTraderClassics.com and Cars-On-Line.com. Craigslist.org and eBay.com also list 1955 Ford Fairlanes for sale or auction.

ClassicCars.com partners with third parties to provide services and products to car buyers, such as financing, insurance, vehicle shipping, inspections and appraisals. This website also provides free information, such as do-it-yourself guides and price guides.

AutoTraderClassics.com also provides buyer services, either directly or through third parties, including financing, insurance, appraisals, shipping and inspections, while also providing an escrow service which holds the buyer's payment until a purchased vehicle is received. This website features free information, such as classic car reviews, news, how-to guides and buyer's guides.

Many owners of classic cars list cars for sale on Craigslist.org. Craigslist features articles on avoiding scams and recommends that shoppers review this information before purchasing a major item such as a car. eBay.com features a Vehicle Protection Program, which provides buyers with up to $50,000 in protection against fraud on cars purchased and also provides an escrow service.

Cars-On-Line.com features about a dozen 1955 Ford Fairlanes for sale, as of November 2015. This website provides information such as a "How to Buy a Car Online Series," as well as inspection and appraisal services.