What Are Some Tips for Electric Window Repair in Cars?


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The most common problems with electric car windows are related to the regulator mechanism, which may be corrected by fixing its power supply. If the regulator is not the issue, checking the power supply through the wiring system may isolate the problem. People with faulty electric windows may have to remove one or more door panels to isolate the problem if other methods have failed.

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If drivers cannot move any of the windows, they should turn the key to the run position and push a window button. If nothing happens and there is no sound, the proper fuse for the windows should be replaced. If the driver can hear the window motor or if the glass shakes, the problem is not with the power supply through the fuse. Other potential problems concern the wiring between the fuse panel and switch or between the switch and window motor. To troubleshoot this wiring, the repairperson needs a voltmeter or 12-volt test light.

With the voltmeter or test light, the repairperson should test along the wiring route to ensure each spot is receiving the 12 volts of power necessary to power the windows. He can then use process of elimination to determine if the problem is with the wiring, switches or motors. If he still cannot identify the problem, he should remove the door panel under the affected window to check the gaskets and seals and to look for foreign objects that may be blocking the window mechanisms.

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