What Are Tips to Drive Safely?

tips-drive-safely Credit: Bounce/Cultura/Getty Images

Tips for safe driving include giving full attention to driving to ensure the safety of every passenger in the car and only operating a motor vehicle when well rested. Cellular devices and passengers are two common distractions. If the driver is too tired to drive, he should wait to continue his trip after resting.

Use of a cellular phone while driving leads to a significant increase in the chances of a driver being involved in a crash. In 2013, cell phones were involved in one out of four car crashes. In 2012, one-half of the fatalities on the road involved the use of a cell phone, according to Nationwide.

Unruly passengers take the attention of the driver away from his primary task. Parents should teach children to remain buckled in their seat belts and car seats from an early age. A parent intervening in arguments or fights between children is too distracted to operate the vehicle safely.

Drivers who need rest cannot operate their vehicle safely. Driving when tired is a dangerous choice. Drivers who must take medication should be aware of its effects on their driving ability before operating their vehicle, and should put off the trip until they rest. On long trips, drivers should take frequent rest stops and avoid trying to drive too far in one day.