What Are Some Tips for Doing a Transmission Tune-Up?

When performing a transmission tune-up, multiple tasks are necessary, including a transmission flush, fluid change, and pan gasket and filter check. A trransmission tune-up should be done about once a year.

While a regular tune-up and maintenance of the transmission is necessary once a year, a flush is only necessary about once every two years. The intervals might be shorter if the vehicle is used for towing, drives through the bush or on sand, or frequently drives on hills. Using a lower gear when going up hills helps reduce stress on the transmission, but it cannot prevent problems altogether. Maintenance and inspections are still necessary to avoid having to replace the transmission.

A routine transmission tune-up typically includes checking and changing the transmission fluid, replacing the filter and inspecting the pan gasket. The pan gasket is often replaced during these check-ups. Some transmissions are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and do not require maintenance, according to the owner’s manual. However, an inspection once a year is still a good idea.

During the tune-up, the transmission fluid is first drained. The filter and pan gasket are replaced, followed by the addition of more transmission fluid. The technician should then check for leaks and test-drive the vehicle.