What Are Some Tips for Doing an RV Remodel?

The quality of the interior is the difference between an outdated RV and a modern one, so most remodelling should focus on improving the inside of the camper. Possible remodel projects include: replacing carpet and flooring, rewiring and adding new electrical features, eliminating or repositioning storage spaces and updating appliances. A combination of these projects can transform an old RV into a functioning, updated model.

Remodeling should focus on improving space and function within the RV. Cabinetry plays a big part in both these considerations and should be addressed during any remodel project. Unnecessary or bulky cabinets need to be replaced with efficient sizes that hold items without getting in the way. Cabinets tend to date a camper as well, so exchanging them for new ones is an easy way to modernize the look of the interior.

Many older campers have outdated electrical wiring and features. Replacing old wires with new ones, adding more outlets and installing modern equipment such as flat screens and slim speakers make a camper more usable and comfortable. These upgrades can also save power as many new lights and appliances are more efficient than their predecessors.

Replacing old carpet and tile with hardwood or vinyl makes an RV easier to clean. A remodel project should include some upgrade to the flooring, even if it is just a thorough cleaning and polishing. Depending on the other changes made, there may be no choice but to replace the old floor.