What Are Some Tips for Defensive Driving?


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Stay focused, look ahead and around, have an emergency plan, and maintain a safe speed and proper following distance. Defensive drivers also prepare their vehicles before driving by adjusting seats, mirrors, and climate control, and securing loose cargo before putting the vehicle in gear.

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Distractions while driving are very dangerous. Using cellphones, GPS units, radio and entertainment systems or eating while driving are not good ideas. Drivers should allow enough time for their trips so they do not feel the need to speed.

Human eyes are designed to take in their surroundings naturally at a maximum of 15 miles per hour. Drivers need to be looking ahead down the road as well as peripherally around them to get a complete view of the driving environment. Defensive drivers keep a safe distance between their vehicles and others, and think about what they would do if an emergency arises, such as a blowout or a driver losing control in front of them.

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