What Are Some Tips for Comparing Tire Prices?


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To simply compare the price of tires, use the search function on Tire Price's website. Use the drop-down menu to indicate the width, height and diameter of the tire, and then click the Search Available Sizes button to bring up all available tires and their prices.

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When comparing the price of tires, consider if the price is comparable to the features offered by the tire. Often, a better value is available when purchasing a higher-priced tire, as its features cause it to last longer. Check the tread wear grade; a tire with a grade of 400 will last twice as long as one with a grade of 200.

Observe the traction grade, which indicates the ability of the tire to stop on wet surfaces. Tires are graded as AA, A, B and C. AA tires have the best stopping ability.

Also pay attention to the temperature grade. This shows the tire's ability to resist and dissipate heat. Temperature is graded as A, B or C. A grade tires run the coolest, while C grade tires merely meet the minimum federal requirements.

Wear grades differ from mileage ratings. Mileage ratings give an average of how many miles the tire can handle before replacement is required. While graded items are universal, mileage ratings depend on the vehicle, roads traveled, weather and the way the person drives.

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