What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a Boat?

What Are Some Tips for Cleaning a Boat?

When cleaning a boat, rinse the boat with clean water, and wash it with a mild soap solution. If necessary, rewet the boat during the cleaning process. Don't wash the boat when it is dry, as this can damage the finish. To clean windows, use diluted vinegar and a soft cloth. To protect the windows from damage, spray them with a silicone spray after cleaning them. Dry the boat with an absorbent cloth, such as chamois, after washing it.

To clean pitted metal, apply metal wax to the surface, and allow the wax to remain overnight before scrubbing the metal lightly with bronze wool to remove the wax. Repeat the process several times to protect the metal from further damage and to improve its appearance.

When cleaning teak, wash the wood as usual before applying teak oil. If the wood is damaged, sand it with sandpaper before applying the teak oil.

To clean vinyl upholstery, wash the vinyl with a damp cloth, and apply furniture polish to the vinyl. If the vinyl is mildewed, wash the surface with diluted ammonia. Rinse the vinyl after cleaning it with ammonia.

At the end of the boating season, clean and degrease the motor with an engine cleaner or engine degreaser. Lubricate the appropriate parts before using the boat or storing it for the season.