What Are Tips for Chrysler Engine Identification?


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The most definitive way to identify a Chrysler engine is to find the engine block identification code on the engine block itself and compare the code to known Chrysler parts numbers. The engine block identification code is often found on a small plate on the engine or is etched into the side of the engine block itself. The location of the code varies between different engine types and model years, however.

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Chrysler engine block codes are also sometimes referred to as "casting numbers." Engine codes follow a standardized numbering scheme that identifies the year of manufacture and the displacement of the engine. Occasionally, non-standard features of the engine, such as oversized cylinder bores or a need for premium fuel, are indicated in the engine code as well.

Chrysler engine codes have undergone several changes over the years, so a particular numbering scheme may only be valid for a certain range of model years. For example, Chrysler used a six-digit code for engine blocks built between 1960 and 1964 but switched to a seven-digit code from 1965 to 1971.

While the location of the engine code on a given engine varies between type and model year, there are general patterns can be easier to find if the general type of the engine is already known. For example, a series B Chrysler engine has stamping numbers located on the front of the engine block. However, the similar RB series engine has these numbers located on the right side of the block near the distributor.

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