What Are Some Tips for Choosing Dupli-Color Car Paint?


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When choosing Dupli-Color car paint it is important to know the intended use of the paint. Dupli-Color produces paints for scratch repair, engines, interiors and truck beds. For repairs, users want to find the exact same color used in the factory or find a color as close as possible to the original. When trying to find a match it is imperative to know the specific car being painted or the "color code" of the factory paint.

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Consumers most commonly use Dupli-Color paints to cover chips or scratches to exterior car paint. Perfect Match paint by Dupli-Color helps eliminate a color mismatch. Dupli-Color's website, duplicolor.com, as well as auto parts stores' websites, allow car owners to enter the year, make and model of an auto to see a list of colors specific to that model. These are called OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, colors.

Users can also search by the paint color code found on the car. Depending on the make, this code is usually listed in the door jamb, under the hood or in the trunk. In addition to paint, primer might be necessary to inhibit rust and a clear finish may be helpful to protect the paint.

Dupli-Color's Paint Crew consists of successful users of the company's products. They offer tips, how-to videos, and success stories to help car owners select the correct paint for the job.

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