What Are Some Tips on Checking the Engine Light on a Honda Accord?


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Tips for checking the engine light on a Honda Accord include having the vehicle assessed by a professional should the light activate while driving and turning off the vehicle for 10 minutes or more to allow the engine to cool down in response to a blinking engine light. The check engine light provides a signal to drivers that there may be a mechanical issue or engine malfunction.

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The check engine light is also known as the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. The service department of a car dealership or a professional mechanic can run diagnostics on a vehicle to determine the reason for a MIL activation. The check engine light indicates the potential presence of an immediate or severe problem and should not be confused with other dashboard indicators, such as the low oil pressure or battery charging system indicator.

Owners may be able to diagnose the reason for a check engine light by using a special device known as a code reader. Ignoring a flashing MIL increases the chances of additional mechanic problems that may include damaging expensive components such as the catalytic converter. Respond to a check engine light promptly, even if the vehicle seems to be performing normally. A check engine light can result in an automatic inspection failure in areas where vehicles must pass strict emissions tests.

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