What Are Some Tips for Changing Harley Transmission Oil?


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Tips for changing Harley Davidson transmission oil include removing the seat and battery box and disconnecting the negative battery terminal before beginning the procedure. Remove all dipsticks and drain plugs from the transmission, and allow old fluid to drain completely. Another tip is to use a thread-locking compound when replacing drain plugs.

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Transmission and gear oils may differ in terms of viscosity and performance. Consult the vehicle's manual to determine the right type of oil. Replace transmission oil at regular intervals to avoid excessive component wear. Replace oil that contains contaminants or that has begun to loose viscosity without delay. Synthetic gear oils have precise viscosity ratings and maintain their viscosity levels for longer periods of time, while conventional oils can quickly break down due to extreme temperatures.

Harley vehicles that have larger engines often suffer from excess vibration and load stress that may loosen or dislodge the drain plug. Consult the owner's manual regarding the proper torque specifications for drain plugs, and ensure all dipsticks are tight and secure before restarting the engine. Wait until after the oil has percolated throughout the transmission before checking fluid levels with the dipstick. Make periodic checks of the drain plug to ensure it remains secure, and use the dipstick to inspect oil quality and fluid levels in between changes.

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