What Are Some Tips for Changing an Engine?


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To replace an engine, detach the negative terminals in the vehicle and then plug out the outermost accessible parts around the engine. Gently disconnect the cooling fan, electrical harness, cap and the distributor cover. Carefully detach the fuel lines, and keep the excess fuel in a safe place. Disconnect the throttle links, and carefully note the exact placement of the removed parts.

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The coolant and the heater hoses should be disengaged from the radiator in that order. Detach the AC compressor and keep it safely. Disconnect the belts and alternator bolts and ensure the battery attached to it is disabled. Untighten the bolts to plug out the power steering pump.

Use the jack stand to elevate the vehicle once the car tires are removed. Disengage the power steering bracket, pump, pipe, exhaust shield carefully. Motor mount should be removed and all the excess liquid emptied after the engine is clear. Remove both the connected bolts and the starter before using a hoist to plug out the engine.

Take the new engine and gently locate it in the engine compartment. Put back the mechanical components that were disengaged appropriately. Ensure the engine is attached to the transmission and both the pulley and the fan are in their positions. Check to be sure that the fuel lines, hoses, alternator and bolts are well connected. AC compressor and the upper radiator hose should be installed. Oil the engine before starting it.

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