What Are Some Tips for Car Mirror Replacements?


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Tips for car mirror replacement include using a quality glue and scraping away all the old glue from the assembly before gluing on the new mirror. Install the mirror in the shade on a clear day when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees to ensure a tighter bond.

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To repair side and rearview mirrors inexpensively, purchase a kit designed for the repair. Match a pre-cut mirror to your car's make and model to get the best fit. A do-it-yourself repair usually takes less than one day, with additional time required to let the glue set. Use masking tape to hold the mirror in place so the glue has time to harden before the mirror is subject to the effects of gravity.

Some rearview and side mirrors are stationary, while other mirrors attach to a button that allows the mirror to be swiveled using an interior control. Carefully clean the button of swiveling mirrors, and position the mirror over the middle of the button to restore the mirror's functionality. Use a single-edge razor blade to clean up any messy adhesive left on the new mirror. Most kits contain a special solvent to clean off any excess adhesive once the job is complete.

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