What Are Some Tips for Buying a Z06 Corvette From an Owner?


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When buying a used Z06 Corvette from an owner, pay attention to its mileage, condition and features. It is important to determine whether the vehicle is damaged in order to accurately calculate the value.

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Mileage is important to note when buying a used car in order to determine its current state, as a high mileage car is more susceptible to problems in the future. However, the C6 model Corvette is known for quality and longevity, so mileage is less of a factor up until the 100,000 mile mark. Corvette owners, in general, take better care of their vehicles due to the exotic nature of the car.

Some features of the Z06 model that determine value are the transmission and color. The manual transmission with a stick shift and any color other than white are highly desirable. It is important to investigate the condition of the car; any damage decreases its value. Front end damage is common for the Z06, so it is important to check for damage along the frame rail where the VIN number is stamped.

The Z06 body is directly bonded to the frame rails, also known as unibody construction, which allows for collision repairs to be easily spotted by inspecting the bonding lines where any epoxy adhesive shows. Any significant damage decreases the value of the car as well as compromises the structural integrity of the vehicle.

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