What Are Some Tips for Buying Used WaveRunners?


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Thoroughly inspect the hull for signs of damage, examine the water intake and impeller, test the engine's compression, investigate the model's history and always test drive the watercraft whenever possible are some tips for buying a used WaveRunner personal watercraft. Make sure the owner has a clear title and that it is available, look at the number of hours the vehicle has on it and make sure the gas in the tank is fresh are some other tips.

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Scrapes, scratches, dents and broken paint on the hull can be signs of possible hull damage but is also a good indication of how well the owner has taken care of the vehicle. Excessive damage can be a sign that other systems such as the engine, fuel or electronics may have been neglected or poorly treated as well.

Visually inspect the drive system for signs of damage that can be created by rocks and sand being sucked into the intake and ejected by the impeller. Damage to this area of the WaveRunner can be very expensive to repair. Check the compression when the engine is running because many two-stroke models idle with damaged cylinders but run poorly.

Take the VIN number to a Yamaha dealer and have it checked to see if the unit was a part of any recalls or reported mechanical issues, and if the owner agrees always take the WaveRunner for a ride to check it out thoroughly.

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