What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Volvo for Sale by Owner?


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One of the most important things to do when buying a used Volvo directly from the owner is to check maintenance records. The Volvo should have been serviced and maintained regularly and the owner should have documentation to prove it.

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What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Volvo for Sale by Owner?
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Volvos also have some particular issues that can be overlooked by mechanics unfamiliar with the brand, so it is best to take the car to someone who specializes in Volvos for a pre-purchase inspection. If you plan to do this yourself, be sure to familiarize yourself with common problems for that model and year. These problems are usually well-known, and information about them can be found online. Finding a Volvo mechanic may also help you locate a good car for sale if you make it known that you are looking for one. They often hear about vehicles for sale and know from experience whether the owner has cared for it properly.

Be sure to test drive the car and make sure you enjoy the way it handles. If the owner is unable to provide documentation about its maintenance history, budget more money for any potential repairs that may come up. The Sacramento chapter of the Volvo Club of America recommends budgeting $2,000 to $4,000 for additional repairs.

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