What Are Some Tips for Buying a Used Van?


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When buying a used van, ask about the warranty, have it inspected and consider the price compared to the condition. It is helpful to bring an experienced mechanic to the dealership to be sure it is in good working condition.

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While choosing a used van that is a certified pre-owned vehicle, it is still good to do a manual inspection on-site. This includes looking at the body of the vehicle, inside the van and under the hood. For van buyers who are not familiar with the mechanical system of a van, bringing a mechanic friend or family member is a good idea. This person knows exactly what to look for and can help to determine the reliability of that vehicle. This is even more important when buying a used van from the seller instead of a dealership.

When looking at the body of the van, try placing a magnet onto the metal portion. If it doesn’t stick properly, there is likely a lot of filler underneath the metal that points low-quality body work. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but might change someone’s mind if the van is already on the pricey side. Always run a vehicle history report on any van to see how many owners it has had and if it has been involved in any major collisions.

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