What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Toyota Engines?

What Are Some Tips for Buying Used Toyota Engines?

When buying a used Toyota engine, it's important to first confirm that the engine is the right type to buy. To identify a Toyota engine, locate the engine block number, which is often embossed on the driver's side of the engine block. If the engine block number cannot be located, refer to the vehicle owner's manual to find a picture of its location. On most Toyota engines, the block number typically begins with "1GR."

Once the engine's compatibility is confirmed, the next thing to identify is the engine's mileage. Ask the seller about the car's mileage, or obtain a free history report on the vehicle using Carfax, SaferCar or VINCheck.

If the mileage checks out, ask about the warranty. If no warranty is offered, be prepared to walk away and visit another seller.

Before finalizing the purchase, make sure the engine assembly is complete, with all the parts accounted for and in good working condition. Consult the manufacturer or an expert if necessary.

It pays to know the advantages of any purchase, and when buying a used Toyota engine, the two greatest advantages are the lower investment and reduced carbon footprint. A brand new engine can be pricey, but a used one is likely to cost a lot less because it has already depreciated in value, thus allowing a buyer to earn significant savings. Buying a used engine also helps the environment, because it means less waste ending up in the landfill.